Friday, 14 March 2014

Traction Politics is taking birth in India!

India’s the biggest democracy in the world with around 790 parliamentarians representing their constituencies and states in New Delhi and around 4,215 members of legislative assemblies in different state assemblies. Then there are numerous representatives in urban areas to municipal corporations, municipal councils and town councils.

There are no set ways, to enter into politics in India. Currently I see there are 'Five feeder lines to politics':

  • From political families or from the glamour world (sports, bollywood etc).
  • Student/college leaders Incubated by industrial tycoons to garner their interests
  • Side-kicks/Chamchas of Netas after 15-20 years of mindless dedication
  • Contractors  - who enter into politics to get more govt. construction business 
  • IAS officers turned politicians

Someone from middle class, from a non-political family background has neither means nor any incentives to enter politics.

The anti corruption campaign started by Baba Ramdev and later joined by Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and General V.K. Singh has a left a huge residual effect – It created a market/demand for political candidates with clean image and development focus. Maybe such instincts were always there in some/many among the Indian voters, but these campaigns have further strengthened the thought. This is the only tiny space opened, where normal people can engage with politics. I call it “traction politics” and it seems to be taking birth in India!

By Shantanu Gupta, IDS Alumni and development consultant based in India


  1. It's true getting into politics having so many things to do for the people is not possible for a common man and for a middle class family members.It's like dynasty ruling is taken place from the day when India get it's independence. But this story come to an end with the AAP who gave the scope to those who really wants to do some thing for us and our country.
    Aam Aadmi Party Odisha

  2. Priyanka many cnaidates of AAP in delhi were Ex-BJP & Congress candidates and many AAP candidates are now celebrities. Lawer Activist like Ashok Aharwal denied AAP ticket pver TV face Ashutosh in Chandini Chawk.


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